Full disclosure: I am super excited lớn talk you through our list of the Best Touring SUPs of 2022. My ideal paddle sesh is one that starts & ends with the sun (usually with a few drinks cracked along the way) so it’s no surprise that I am a self-proclaimed touring board enthusiast. I can’t get enough of a board that’s light, fast, và just seems khổng lồ cut through the water like butter, so you can imagine how much fun I had testing out boards for this post. All in a day’s work, right?

Below, I’ll walk you through our danh sách of this year’s Best Touring SUPs considering an array of factors such as speed, tracking, maneuverability, features, construction, etc. We’ll also be going over a buyer’s guide lớn touring SUPs, the differences between hard touring and inflatable touring SUPs, và a few tips lớn help you get the most out of your board.

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Our goal here at lienquanpoke.vn is lớn provide you with our real world, day to day experience on each of these boards along with the technical specs lớn help you make the most informed decision when it comes to lớn your SUP purchase. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy reading our danh mục of the Best Touring SUPs of 2022.

What Makes a Great Touring Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)?

The short answer to lớn this question is that a great touring SUP is one that allows you to lớn put in a lot of miles and a lot of hours on the water with less effort than an all-around would require. As simple as that seems, there is some nuance lớn this depending on water conditions, paddler skills and preferences.

To get in this nuance let’s first talk about nose shape. Many touring SUPs will feature a displacement hull. The definition of a displacement hull gets kind of clouded in the industry due to sale efforts, but what characterizes a true displacement hull is that it’s pointed shape slices through the water (thereby ‘displacing’ it onto either side of the SUP) much like the bow of a boat does. This type of hull does great in flat-water conditions as it minimizes friction on the board and allows you to go faster, but it struggles in choppy or ‘bumpy’ water as it hits each bump head-on instead of gliding over. If you’ll need lớn be able khổng lồ glide over bumps and chop, you’ll want a touring board with a planing hull, A planing hull is typically easy to lớn spot because most have a slight rocker to push the nose upwards out of the water.

In short, a touring board with the displacement hull might be great for a paddler that’s frequently in lakes, bays, or overall flat-water, but it would be less than ideal for a paddler that’s frequently in bumpy or choppy waters. The same applies in the opposite direction; a flat-water paddler would find a planing hull touring board khổng lồ create more friction on the water and not be as efficient as a SUP with a displacement hull.

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When it comes lớn paddler skills, what I’m generally referring khổng lồ is the paddler’s balance. Touring boards tend to lớn be on the thinner side, which means a bit less stability than a beginner màn chơi all-around. However, there are plenty of touring board options on this list that are on the wider over of the touring spectrum and will provide more stability, but won’t be as fast as their thinner counterparts. So, while a wider touring SUP would make a great board for a more beginner cấp độ paddler, it would likely be too slow for a more advanced paddler looking for performance. Likewise, a beginner paddler would probably not enjoy a board that is too thin for them lớn stand comfortably, while an advanced paddler would appreciate the extra speed.

At this point, you’re probably noticing a theme here; the answer khổng lồ what makes a great touring SUP is less objective than it seems. It truly comes down to paddler preferences, especially when considering features such as D-rings, extra handles, kích hoạt mounts, etc. Some paddlers love the ability khổng lồ stow gear along for the ride & will love a board that’s got plenty of d-rings, & bungee areas, while others would prefer to forgo all the extras for more standing room. Some prefer a smother, more cushy deck pad, while others lượt thích a traction focused deeply grooved variation.

What I’m really trying to lớn make clear here is that what makes a great touring board is really dependent on you as a paddler. My best advice for matching yourself khổng lồ a great board would be to lớn start by analyzing your most frequent water condition to lớn determine what nose shape you’ll look for. Then assess your balance skills khổng lồ give yourself a width range. Once you have the shape of the board you need, start evaluating features that best fit your lifestyle.

With that said, we have a wide variety of boards on our các mục of the best touring boards of 2022 that could fit any paddler’s needs, so keep an eye out for your match as we move forward.

Best Inflatable Touring SUPS

1. Thurso Expedition 1502. Sea Gods Carta Marina3. RedPaddleCo 12’6 Sport4. Gili 12′ Adventure5. Paddle North Portager6. Atoll 11′7. Nixy Manhattan G4

Honorable Mentions

Honu Sorrento (Sold Out Honorable Mention)Sea Gods KetosHala carbon Nass-T 14×28

1. Thurso Expedition 150 (See Full Review)